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A quadrotor, also called a quadrotor helicopter or quadcopter, is a multicopter that is lifted and propelled by four rotors.


The project seems kind of abandoned for now, if you're interested in working on it send a mail to the mailing list :)

Upcoming meetups


Let it fly, 2013/10/02

  • I was all alone [skmp]
  • reviewed some stuff about FPV systems

September reunion, 2013/09/25

  • Debian image tested, wifi wasn't working
    • moutsosgeorgios says perhaps its the router
  • Next target is to test fly using RC

Workshop 03/07/2013, by All

  • Flashed Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) on Beaglebone.
  • Installed and tested two different wifi dongles.

Workshop 05/06/2013, by ododos

  • Added joystick input to udp client-server program
  • Decided to send joystick data as is (16bit signed integer) and do any post processing on board
  • Flashed Ubuntu image on Beaglebone, connected via ssh and uploaded udp server program

Workshop 29/05/2013, acinonyx

  • Moved forward on sockets with a basic client - server example made and presented by acynonix
  • Decided to use IP/UDP stack for control communication
  • Made network latency tests that gave an average of 16ms over 3 hops in our lan
  • Decided to abolish the, now redundant, identifying 2 bits used for serial communication

Workshop net-pre-meetup 27/05/2013, skmp

  • Explained some stuff in the code
  • That was all, really

Workshop 22/05/2013, etc

  • Decided tag for mailing list -> [hackopter]
  • Played a little with qt-creator and C
  • connect XBOX joystick on linux
  • Decided on logo

Workshop 17/05/2013, mkir

  • Decided tag for mailing list -> [hackopter]
  • Played a little more with github
  • Attempt to connect XBOX joystick on linux
  • Saw new revisions of hackopter logo! Nice! ;)

Workshop 08/05/2013, petros.kon

  • Project Name set : Hackopter
  • Team name (guess) : Hackopter-team
  • Team members registered at hackerspace general discussion mailing list
  • Primer on github git and git uis

Workshop 01/05/2013, skmp

  • +3 new team-members
  • Talked about general direction and organisation stuff
    • We'll focus a bit on the tooling (git/github/mono/gcc) so that everyone is familiar before moving on
    • No name chosen still
    • Round-robin event coordinator. Next one is petros.kon

Suprise event @ nasa space days 21/04/2013

  • skmp -> we now have xbox360 + wii nunchuck for experimentation
  • Hacked together C# control ui (slimDX + serial IO)
  • Hacked together arduino control software (sucks badly)
  • A few (very) unstable flight tests !

Workshop 17/04/2013

  • Flashed firmware on KKmulticontroller v5.5 board
  • Calibrated ESCs
  • Completed setup procedure of multicopter
  • (click on the title for the detailed event page)

Workshop 03/04/2013

  • Resolved ESC/BLDC soldering issues by drilling new holes (the quad is now slightly smaller, non destrutive change)
  • Finished assembly


  • X525 arrived at hackerspace.gr
  • Checked motors
  • Soldered motor contacts
  • Assembled main body

Team (sorted by nickname)

  • (edit this and add yourself *AND KEEP IT SORTED*)



  • Add more nuts on suspension legs
  • Add rubber bumpers on suspension legs
  • Use more washers

Wanted stuff

  • PSU that can handle the load



Github hackopter project




Spare Hardware

Part Name Qty Comment
A2208 1800KV Electric Motors 4
2400mAh 11.1V 15C LiPo Battery 1 Will be used for early testing
Charger for 2/3-Cell LiPo Batteries 1 Will be used for early testing
6x4 3-Blade Series Propeller 2
6x4 3-Blade Series Propeller (PUSHER) 2


Weight target is 500g, Payload 250g, Lift 250g
* Arduino 27g
* esc 22g
* motor 38g (spec)
* propeller 7g

27+4*(22+38+7)= 295? (268 for motor + ESC)

* Link -> WIFI
* no gps (http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=pci+5s&_sacat=0 if we finally need one)
* Beaglebone/linux + arduino
* motor load ~ 7 amps @ ~ 250g lift
* safety/testing -> glasses, net
* regular workshop schedule -> every wednesday 7-9
* next meetup -> 6/2
* -> smaller quadcopter 
* budget -> ?

* Beaglebone linux distribution, rt-linux & related stuff
* Investigate existing open source DoF/quadcopter platforms
* Investigate propeller mounts and/or motors 
* Look at quadcopter kit prices

* Buy quadcopter kit (cheaper ?) to get us started
* Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/preorder-crazyflie-nano-quadcopter-kit-10dof-with-crazyradio-bccfk02a-p-1365.html?cPath=170_172