Quadrotor Workshop: C# / C

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Starts Organizer
Wed 22 May 2013 21:00 skmp, Acinonyx, petros.kon (edit and add yourself)
Ends Event Owner
Wed 22 May 2013 23:00 User:Acinonyx, User:Skmp

Yet another hackerspace.gr event!


Event coordinator for this Wednesday is: etc

don't forget to check out the Project Page if you already haven't...


  • Decided tag for mailing list -> [hackopter]
  • Played a little with qt-creator and C
  • connect XBOX joystick on linux
  • Decided on logo
  • Had a beer...and another one...


  • skmp
    • C# / C tutorial
    • Possibly IP/UDP introduction ?
  • Spiros
    • Bring another USB joystick


  • PWM, PPM, Servo control
  • Arduino usb interface
  • beaglebone
  • git/github
  • C#
  • C