Quadrotor Workshop: git & tooling

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Starts Organizer
Wed 08 May 2013 21:00 skmp, Acinonyx, petros.kon (edit and add yourself)
Ends Event Owner
Wed 08 May 2013 21:00 User:Acinonyx, User:Skmp

Yet another hackerspace.gr event!


Event coordinator for this Wednesday is: petros.kon


  • Project Name set : Hackopter
  • Team name (guess) : Hackopter-team
  • Team members registered at hackerspace general discussion mailing list
  • Created team members github accounts
  • Created github team repository Hackopter-Team
  • Primer on git and git uis
  • Suggested uis
    • tortoise git (windows)
    • gitk (lynux)
    • qgit (lynux)

The Plan


  • Intro to git/github/development tools that will be needed for the project (c#, c (for native code)). (We're open to proposals if you want to sugest something :) )
  • Merge mailing list with discussion board
  • Settle on a project name

from main page assembly todo

  • Add more nuts on suspension legs
  • Add rubber bumpers on suspension legs
  • Use more washers


  • skmp
    • Prepare git/github introduction material
  • everyone
    • Get registered on wiki
    • Fill your name/nick on the project page
    • Get registed on the hackerspace general discuss mailing list
  • unassigned
    • Perhaps we should follow the arduino lessons for the electronics stuff ?


  • PWM, PPM, Servo control
  • Arduino usb interface
  • beaglebone
  • git/github
  • C#
  • C

don't forget to check out the Project Page if you already haven't...