Spontaneous hackathon 1.0

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Starts Organizer
Wed 03 Jul 2013 18:30
Ends Event Owner
Thu 04 Jul 2013 1:00 User:Acinonyx, User:J0ni, User:Skmp

Let's hack something !

Social media

G+ Event | FB event

Mini hackathon!


  • 18:30 ~ 19:00: idea pitch
  • 19:00 ~ 22:30: hacking session
  • 22:30 ~ 01:00: review, chat, beer, pizza !

During the pitch, we'll pick which projects we'll on work (so, you can add multiple entries)

(Of course, you're welcome to just sit and enjoy our fine company while you're working on something of your own)

Project Ideas


  • hackopter (todo: alternate devboard evaluation, overall architecture, beablebone pwm & alternative distros) / hackopter team! / embedded linux + elecronics
  • Casio MT70 retrofit (todo: see how exactly the amp board works, cleanup keys, arduino interface them to pc) / skmp / electronics + arduino
  • Remote software defined radio with TL-703N and RTL2832U dongle / acinonyx / embedded linux + rtl-sdr + gnuradio + networking
  • Turnstile antenna for satellite VHF reception / acinonyx / ham radio + NEC + 3D printing + hardware tools
  • 11 character LED matrix display / acinonyx / electronics + microcontroller
  • Soldering/Desoldering. Attack the junkbench, grab something broken and learn how to solder !
  • MicroATX rackmount case / acinonyx / 2D CAD


Web-based software

  • numbers (http://numbers.ertops.com, todo: error handling, improve TTS, http://www.colourlovers.com/, ?) / skmp / js + html5 media + apis
  • Armagetron clone with webgl (at least, design phase) / Perhaps some blender magic can be done here ?
  • Opensource clones of typingweb and typeracer / js + html + ?
  • HTML5 media clone of http://longplayer.org/
  • Social media integration for hsgr (we have twitter, we need fb & g+. What about linked in ?)
  • Facebook graph api -> see if a search tool can be implemented? Timeline search kind of sucks right now

Data visualisation

  • network traffic visualization/load w/ mini projector / etc? / gource & bash
  • Stereoscopy with our TV + OpenGL ?


  • Leap Motion development version hands on, closed source fails and probable open source remedies (elkos)
  • NUI Web Applications using Kinect+Intrael / intrael + js + html / wizgrav


  • Plausible dialog generation (wikipedia api or other sources, basic NLP/NLG, TTS to make it creepy)


  • ERT Ops Android app, rtmp streaming / Android + Java / skmp

Not programming related

hsgr related

  • Open talk How can we organize hsgr's hardware tools better ? (the back room is a mess) / skmp
  • Brainstorming ideas for hackerspace.gr site (depends how many members are around)


  • Meating project / GRILL + MEAT / i'm willing to donate 15 euros towards this cause. Anyone interested joining in? (skmp)


(Feel free to add your suggestions, the projects have to be open source though. Completing a project you're working on, a new idea, or a step in a larger project are all valid entries!)