MicroATX 2U Rackmount Case

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microATX 2U Rackmount Case

microATX 2U Rackmount Case


This is an open source hardware microATX 2U Rackmount Case design. It can house microATX and miniITX motherboards for use as an asterisk PBX or general purpose small server. The idea behind it is that there are not many cost effective option available when you want to use a rackmount case to house projects. Existing solution are either very simple and not aesthetic pleasing or require heavy modifications and tooling to get things like lcd displays,connectors etc Also one of the requirements is for the case to be able to provide sufficient protection on a high vibration environments


03/04/2013 Meeting

Made the following design decisions:

  • Standoff height: 8mm

26/03/2013 Meeting

Made the following design decisions:

  • Move the PSU location behind the motherboard
  • Make the box 10cm longer to fit the PSU and the microATX motherboard
  • Make L-brackets longer for better support
  • Air inlets must be moved to compensate for longer L-brackets
  • Main material changed to sheet metal (iron) for lower cost
  • Remove metal strip from pci card, use pci riser and create card support on the case


  • Use with standard size ATX Power Supply
  • Access of back panel to front
  • Compatible with standard PCI Riser adapter
  • Size of 2U Rack Units

Milestones / ToDo

  • Decide on material to use (aluminium or sheet metal)
  • Decide on how to secure the riser card from the sides also, for use in environments with high vibration
  • Get a prototype made
  • Paint screws



  • Fix diameter of M/B mounting holes
  • L-bracket mounting on bottom of case too
  • Air inlets to front
  • Case exhibits bending when assembled and screws are tightened


Source design