Presentation of a hybrid 3D printer using Lego

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Thu 21 Feb 2013 20:00 P2P foundation's Marios P. (MaR1oC)
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Thu 21 Feb 2013 20:30 elkos

additive isn't the only way ;)

This is a project aims to develop a special 3D printer made of LEGO Mindstorms(R) pieces. Inspired by the GNU RepRap Printer (open-source based 3D printer) and Arthur Sacek's Milling Machine, this project combines both techniques resulting in a machine that, even though resembles the RepRap design, it drills floral foam so as to make three dimensional objects. The chosen programming language is about to be LeJOS NXJ (GNU). Currently in development stage (designing and building)....

Presentation Files: File:Hsgrpresentation3Dprinter.pdf

UPDATE: The printer now became hybrid (additive||subtractive). Take a look again at the homepage!