PLD/FPGA Workshop 2.0

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Starts Organizer
Wed 11 Sep 2013 19:00
Ends Event Owner
Wed 11 Sep 2013 21:00 User:Skmp

September reunion

Stuff for review

1.x slides @ github/slides

New ISA/SoC, C# WIP project @ github/simple_soc

Older ISA, C++ implementation (will we abandon this ?) @ github/simple_cpu

Todo before the workshop

  • skmp -> i'll review the C# code and add issues/comments on commits as needed :)

Plans for the workshop

  • Discuss the current design & implementation
    • Issues discovered in the current design
    • Scope of the C# implementation
  • Plan out the our next steps ?
    • perhaps fork as simple_soc now that the lesson part is mostly over ?


  • Reviewed the current implementation
    • Removed 8 bit access, made memory array 16 bit, added addi & subi
  • Worked a bit on the assembler
  • Decided to fork as simple_soc


  • skmp -> implement emulator in SDL
  • moutsosgeorgios -> update C# implementation to spec

next meetup

  • Cross validate C# vs C
  • Talk & design verilog implementation
  • Write some test programs in the asm!

Also checkout The main project page