PHP Frameworks Hackathon

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Starts Organizer
Sun 13 Oct 2013 11:00 Anyone interested in PHP frameworks
Ends Event Owner
Sun 13 Oct 2013 19:00 User:Jinxcat

Comparison and testing of PHP frameworks

Github repository: [1] Twitter account: [2]

Use your favorite PHP Framework to implement a small web project and convince the rest why they should use it!

Don't use one or want to try something new? Join a team!

A small web project will be given with a basic set of features.

Teams will be formed to implement the project.

Each team should choose a specific PHP Framework for the implementation.

The project will be split in the following milestones. In parenthesis is what will be evaluated

1. Home page and Contact Page (Html Integration/Form Creation/Routing)

2. A SignUp Form (Database ORM/Form Validation)

3. Administration Area (User Management)

4. Translatable routes and content (Translations)

5. Controller and Model Tests (Unit Testing)

The implemented solutions will be evaluated in the following categories

1. Code Readability

2. Website Performance

3. Website Security

For those who can not physically attend there will be a google hangout.

All the code written will be publicly accessible in github.

This is a two days event:

Saturday 12/10 from 11am-7pm Sunday 13/10 from 11am-7pm