How to upload images

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How to upload images

This is a guide for uploading massively images in the wiki. The use of the tools is indicative, you can use other tools that have similar behavior.

Create picture directory

Create a directory and move the photographs that you want to upload into it.

Rotate by EXIF info

This is depends on the camera that has shot the photos. Using a tool like exiftran you can rotate a photo by using the EXIF orientation info.

Example command: exiftran -ai *.jpg

-a: rotates using the EXIF info

-i: for inplace and multiple editing (just in case keep a copy of your photos)

more here

Massive resize

This depends on the resolution of your photos. Resize the photo to a normal size for the web-site. Usinga tool like imagemagick you can resize your photo until the longest dimension is around 1024.

Example command: mogrify -monitor -path ./resized/ -resize 30% *.jpg

-monitor: shows the progress

-path: moves the resized photos to a path (already created - will not be created automatically)

-resize: resize using a providing geometry

more here

Massive rename

Give suitable names to your photos. For batch renaming you can use a tool like pyrenamer (written in PyGTK).

Massive uploading

With a tool like commonist you can upload massively your photos at the wiki. Commonist has to been configured in order to upload files at a specific wiki. Running once the commonist will create a .commonist directory on your home (if not find more details here), there you can change the file wikis.txt by adding "hsgrwiki _" which is a link to hsgr wiki api.

more tools

This is it!

Now you can create and add your own gallery at Photos section. Check other galleries for ideas and code.