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Starts Organizer
Thu 21 Nov 2013 19:00
Ends Event Owner
Thu 21 Nov 2013 21:00 User:Ebal

  • Sopler project: Organize your everyday life on the open web (A. Stasinopoulos)
  • The Sweet Escape: Realtime multiplayer platformer with node.js & phaser.js (try it out!)
  • Build your own cluster with UCARP ebal
  • Solving everyday problems with open source tools (L. Poulopoulos @ GRNET)
  • Arduindex: Android application to find info & conflicts among Arduino shields
  •  ?
  • Add yours!

(*) Το lightning talk είναι διάρκειας 10-15 λεπτών ανά ομιλητή.