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A list of things wanted, needed, desired, seeked for or nice to have in our hackerspace. Ask and ye shall receive!

Item Unit/Total cost Quantity Frequency Uses/Projects Urgency/Priority/Desire Satisfied Donated by Notes
Vacuum Cleaner 1 Once Cleaning
Kinect 1-2 Once Motion capture
More Video Projectors
Raspberry Pi (unlimited supply) > 10 Once All High No
Beer (How about HSGR beer?) Constant supply Recreation High No
More coffee!
Variable Power Supply
Signal Generator
Helping third hand
More Multimeters
More Soldering Irons
Magnifier lamp
Headband Magnifier
logic analyzer
Wireless Deaddrop
VoIP phone
fire extinguishers
emergency light
LCD screen
Vinyl Cutter Plotter
24V 1A AC power supply 1 Once Aeroponics No