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Welcome to! Here you can find some tips to help you understand the identity and operation of the space. Contents

Who is welcome

Everyone is welcome to visit HSGR. We ask you only to follow the basic principles. You can visit the place at any time without notice. You do not need an invitation or participation in any scheduled event. You can consult The timeline for when an event takes place in the space.

You have not come again? You wonder when you can drop by? Come any evening. No need to wait for some event. Almost every day you can find people in the space and you are welcome to come and take a tour in the space, to participate in interesting discussions or just to sit down to work with your laptop. If you are interested in specific events, see the program at home page.

Code of Conduct

Our basic principle is "Be polite to everyone". Respect all people you meet in space and the space itself. All guests are welcome because we believe in the value of Open-Source community and want to share things we work on with everyone.

Open Mind

The HSGR is a space that we share and explore ideas. There will be many things to learn, but you will have the opportunity also to share your own knowledge and ideas.


Use the network with caution. Behind the wireless network is a simple DSL line, with limited bandwidth. Remember that the network is open and unencrypted.


Feel free to use whatever is available in the kitchen (coffee maker, cups, plates, etc.). Remember though, that before leaving you must leave the area cleaner than you found it.