Lightning Talks

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Starts Organizer
Mon 08 Sep 2014 18:30 everyoooone!!!
Ends Event Owner
Mon 08 Sep 2014 21:30 User:Kargig



Lightning Talks (10' max) on Anonymity, Crypto, Privacy, Security, etc topics

 * Do you work on a software or hardware project ? Come and tell us about it.
 * Do you use/like a new tool ? Come and tell us about it


Presenter Talk Title
asn 2 of (pond / mpOTR / Tor Entry Guards)
irregulator Tahoe-LAFS, presentation
kargig A Russian bride for Tor
argp Heapbleed
sophron OpenBazaar
ancst Your enemies know your ADSL router's weaknesses... Do you?
huju Vulnerability assessment: Tools & methodology (WIP report #1)
fotisl free riding toumpa
alexz PoS Attacking the Traveling Salesman (summary of DEF CON 22 Talk)
comzeradd Sanitize Thunderbird/Enigmail
ebal Barada >> Two-Factor Authentication For Android (demo inside docker)
kpapapan Everything we do about security is wrong (obviously)
bezdomny The value of autherlessness within collaborative communities and the emancipatory potential it offers for effective peer production.
fuser iAMT ~ insecurity as mass technology


 * Presenter talks for ten (10) minutes. If he asks politely he can get one (1) minute extra. Not more than that.
 * Then he chooses someone to ask a single question. He replies within one minute. 
 * If others have questions they should talk to the presenter during breaks. Socialize!


Will there be streaming ?
Will there be a recording ?
I'm just attending, shall I bring something ?
Presenters usually like beer, if you like their talk treat them a beer.