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Sun 14 Dec 2014 14:00 SatNOGS team
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Sun 14 Dec 2014 16:00 User:Comzeradd

Interested in joining SatNOGS ( project? This is your chance!

Whether you are interested in

  • Space & Satellites
  • DIY & 3D printing electronics,
  • Electronics & Arduino
  • Amateur Radion & Software Defined Radio,
  • OpenWRT and embedded systems
  • Django and HTML5
  • AngularJS and CouchDB
  • Science and data analysis

...SatNOGS applies all these different disciplines into a a comprehensive, scalable and modular platform that enables communication with the thousands of sattelites our planet's orbit.Following the princibles of open source in software and in hardware applied in SatNOGS we invite you to participate in it's development (

For a quick video introduction on SatNOGS check out the following link (

This event is part of a two day focused development marathon of the SatNOGS development core team. We will be meeting physically Saturday and Sunday all day in in Athens, Greece. The exact schedule of the workdays can be found here:

We will basically start with some planning sessions and move to sub-project hacking sessions with testing each day. We would like to invite any interested contributor to participate in our sessions either physically or remotely on our sessions.! We will be on IRC #satnogs on freenode and if people are interested can arrange some time on a video platform like

For more info you can check the relevant SatNOGS community post:

Get to know SatNOGS the DIY open source ground station network.