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Many hackers around the world are (re-)decentralizing the net. This is our part, offering distributed, free (as in freedom) services to the world. Always based on Free Open Source Software. We are a group of people at our hackerspace; you can meet us there.


Check the full list of current services.

In Progress

  • Operativa - An effort to build a communications infra for hsgr supporters and members.
  • Services Pad - Ideas for future services

Report Issues

If you see something say something. For bugs and issues related to these services you can send an email to this address:

WebOps Service Desk.jpg


  • The WebOps team is currently composed by axil, comzeradd, ebal, polichronucci.
  • All resources are located at
  • You can find us at the hackerspace almost every Tuesday.
  • Most of us are always online at Hackerspace's Matrix/IRC channel: #hsgr
  • Services health status