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== Material Information ==
- How to use it
Materials that can and cannot be laser-cut [https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J24/3]
- Materials that can and cannot be laser-cut [https://www.pololu.com/docs/0J24/3]
- Useful links
- Projects
== Material Information ==
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The model of the Laser Engraving Machine located in Hackerspace.gr (Ampatiellou 11, 11144, Athens) is HQ-3020B. It is capable of cutting, engraving, and marking a number of different materials quickly and accurately when driven from CAD software such as CorelDraw and Inkscape.

Material Information

Materials that can and cannot be laser-cut [1]

Material Thickness (mm) Operation Power Feed (mm/s)
Flexoid Oil Resistant Jointing sheet 0.5 Cut 17 10
Flexoid Oil Resistant Jointing sheet 0.7 Cut 20 10

How to use it:


> Inkscape [2]

> K40 Whisperer [3]

To create your file:

> Open Inkscape

File 1.jpeg

> Draw your design with lines

File (2).jpg
File (3).jpg
File (4).jpg

> Make colors in RGB (RED to engrave, BLUE to cut)

File (6).jpg
File (7).jpg

> Select correct Document Properties:

- UNITS must be all in MM

- RESIZE page to content

File (9).jpg
File (10).jpg
File (12).jpg

> Save as .svg file.

File (13).jpg
File (15).jpg
File (16).jpg

To cut your file:

> Connect computer and machine with USB cable


> Switch on the machine:

Switch (2)-min.jpg

- Switch power on

- Switch light on


- Plug-in air - compressor


In K40 Whisperer:

( > Open K40 Whisperer )

File K40 (2).jpg

> Initialize laser-cutter

File K40 (1).jpg

> Open design file

File K40 (2).jpg
File K40 (3).jpg

> Adjust starting point and speed in K40 Whisperer

File K40 (4).jpg
File K40 (5).jpg
File K40 (6).jpg

On the machine:

> Place your material inside (it must be no bigger than A4)


> Adjust power on machine


> Make test


> First engrave (BLUE) and then (CUT) by clicking "Vector Engrave" and "Vector Cut" in "K40 Whisperer".

File K40 (6).jpg
Cut (2)-min.jpg

Make sure temperature does not exceed 30 °C


> Switch off machine

> Clean up gently with vacuum cleaner


Useful links

> boxes.py [4]

> obrary [5]


> what is cosmos / τι είναι κόσμος

This text contains information copied or inspired from http://atxhackerspace.org .