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Like every respected Hackerspace, hackerspace.gr has its own Deaddrop! For more info about Deaddrops see http://www.deaddrops.com

Deaddrop 4.JPG

Our listing in deaddrops.com can be found here

How to find it

Enter Hackerspace.gr and move to your left. On the right side of the library you can find our wall mounted Deaddrop, a 4GB USB stick that you can use to share and take any file you want!

See the deaddrop photo album.

What is inside it

Virtually anything! It is up to you! So go ahead share and explore :) We will also try to have all our books in electronic format at any time in the deaddrop


We could not resist to use our 3D printer to create a wall mounted case for our deaddrop. As always the designs can be found here in Thingsverse :)

Deaddrop 7.JPG