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Athens CryptoParty by CryptoParty Berlin!


CryptoParty από τους CryptoParty Berlin.

Φέρτε τα laptop σας!


The workshop will be in English.

About Cryptoparty

Privacy is a human right.

To regain control of your own privacy in the digital world you should get to know the technologies of cryptography and anonymization.

A wide range of tools can help you to do just that. At a CryptoParty you can learn what's available and how to use it. Or you want to teach others? Then of course you're very much welcome, too.

All CryptoParties follow the [principles]:

 * Excellence
 * Do-ocracy
 * Sudo Leadership
 * No Harassment
 * As Simple As Possible
 * Free to Attend
Available Topics

Learning is always an individual process. Hence we will have separate tables for each topic. Just pick the one you're most interested in.

 * encrypt emails with [[1]]
 * encrypt your IMs with [[2]] and [[3]]
 * anonymous surfing [[4]]
 * privacy enhancing browser plugins
 * file and hard-drive encryption with [[5]] hard-drive encryption with [[6]]
 * password security and managers
 * Linux installation
 * [[7]] (safe and anonymous operating system... please bring a thumb drive if interested)
 * [[8]] (encrypted Tor based messaging system without meta data and spam)
 * ...

Also worth a look:

 * [[9]] of the handbook
 * [Security for Journalists]
 * [of tools we recommend]
 * Taking photos or filming will not be allowed. Please leave the cameras in your pockets.
 * Smoking is possible in the yard.