3D Printing

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HSGR 3D printers are controlled via octopi.

  1. TAZ 4: http://octopi.hsgr.awmn/
  2. AO100: http://octopi.hsgr.awmn/A100/
  3. Delta: WiP
  4. CnC: WiP

Username: hsgr Password: hsgr3d

Some ground rules

  1. Important: Make sure that the printer bed is free from objects before printing.
  2. Keep uploaded files tidy by using folders.
  3. Do not stop prints of other users.
  4. Replace printer bed tape when it is damaged.


  1. Generate GCode using Slic3r or Cura and the appropriate printer profile.
  2. Connect to octopi
  3. Upload file
  4. Turn on the printer
  5. Set temperatures if not set by GCode
  6. Print !!!
  7. Turn off the printer