Unworking the Institution: Gender, Technology, Power

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Thu 24 Sep 2015 11:00
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Thu 24 Sep 2015 17:00 User:Jim ailaion

The contemporary institution is increasingly policed and maintained by technical methods and systems, such as management databases, immigration controls, and electronic barriers/access points. This practical workshop will explore how gender, care and safety is embodied in software based systems by tracing connections between personal and institutional practices of safety and care. It will use embodied mapping practices to bring out collective experiences, and group experiments/interventions to create potential responses to them

This workshop is a parallel session of the conference "Institutions, Politics, Performance" that is taking place from 24 to 28 September 2015 in Athens.

The talks will be in English.

Everyone is welcome.


Autonomous Tech Fetish
Natalia Rozalia Avlona (Abandon Normal Devices)
Django Girls Athens
Paula Graham-Gazzard (fossbox)
Clifford Hammett and Alexandra Jönsson (artists)
Amit Rai (Queen Mary University of London)
Penny Travlou (University of Edinburgh)