Lightning Talks

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Mon 08 Sep 2014 18:30 everyoooone!!!
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Mon 08 Sep 2014 21:30 User:Kargig



Lightning Talks (10' max) on Anonymity, Crypto, Privacy, Security, etc topics

 * Do you work on a software or hardware project ? Come and tell us about it.
 * Do you use/like a new tool ? Come and tell us about it


Presenter Talk Title
asn 2 of (pond / mpOTR / Tor Entry Guards)
irregulator Tahoe-LAFS
kargig A Russian bride for Tor
argp Heapbleed
sophron OpenBazaar
ancst Your enemies know your ADSL router's weaknesses... Do you?
huju Vulnerability assessment: Tools & methodology (WIP report #1)
fotisl Free Riding Toumpa
alexz PoS Attacking the Traveling Salesman (summary of DEF CON 22 Talk)
comzeradd Sanitize Thunderbird Enigmail
ebal Barada >> Two-Factor Authentication For Android (demo inside docker)
kpapapan Everything we do about security is wrong (obviously)
bezdomny The value of autherlessness within collaborative communities.
fuser iAMT ~ insecurity as mass technology


 * Presenter talks for ten (10) minutes. If he asks politely he can get one (1) minute extra. Not more than that.
 * Then he chooses someone to ask a single question. He replies within one minute. 
 * If others have questions they should talk to the presenter during breaks. Socialize!


Will there be streaming ?
Will there be a recording ?
I'm just attending, shall I bring something ?
Presenters usually like beer, if you like their talk treat them a beer.