PLD/FPGA Workshop 2.8

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Starts Organizer
Wed 13 Nov 2013 19:30
Ends Event Owner
Wed 13 Nov 2013 21:30 User:Skmp

Differential debugging

Stuff for review

sdlcore @ github

verilog WIP @ github


  • designed an ICE protocol to ease debugging
  • Investigated UART
    • Tested echo implementation at 3MBaud, worked nicely
  • Investigated ISA
    • 6 mhz looks plausible for interfacing (VGA/ETH)

ideas for the workshop

  • think ways to update the program
    • this is a must so we can test/develop faster
  • Test/design validation "suite"?
  • See why the simple tests don't work on the hardware
    • But they work on the xilinx simulator. Some kind of corner case?
  • take pictures
  • cleanup repo ?

Also checkout The main project page