PLD/FPGA Workshop 1.4

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Tue 18 Jun 2013 19:00
Ends Event Owner
Tue 18 Jun 2013 21:00 User:Skmp

Switches! Lots of them!

we'll actually split into teams and all, so we'll really need the laptops this time around

slides are in github


Computer architecture

  • Introduction
    • Buses/Protocols, basic design ideas
    • how is cpu design done
    • What are SoCs
    • How does a typical simple cpu looks like
    • Emulation/simulation
      • Structure of a typical emulator
  • Hands on stuff !
    • Think together an extremely simple cpu
    • Split into three teams
    • Implement it in verilog (team A)
    • Implement it in C/C++ (team B)
    • Implement a simple assembler (team C)
  • Think together a custom, minimal SoC
    • We'll actually implement this later on :)

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