Lil' Erebus

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Lil' Erebus is a paraphonic synthesizer Eurorack module DIY kit by Dreadbox. The desktop version includes the synth, and an Eurorack power supply board.


User manual

Construction manual

Schematic (for debugging purposes)

Using the Lil' Erebus

  • Connect to a sequencer/DAW using your preferred method (CV/Gate or MIDI using the DIN5 to 3.5mm adapter)
  • Connect a 15VDC center positive power supply to the synth (IMPORTANT: check polarity and voltage using multimeter if not sure)
  • Connect your speakers/headphones to the OUT jack on the ECHO/AMP section of the synth
  • An infinite note will probably play, use that to tune the synth with the TUNE knob and a guitar tuner
  • Program your sequence and start the sequencer. The synth should play what you've told it to.


  • No sound
    • Check:
      • Pin 4 of IC5 (ATMega328). You should see a pulse each time the synth gets triggered by MIDI
      • All outputs of IC10, IC21, IC7, IC26 and IC2. You should see a waveform consistent with your VCO levels (LVL1 for sawtooth and LVL2 for pulsewave)
  • No power
    • Check diode on power supply board. Be careful-er with voltage and polarity.