ExarcheiaNet Libremesh Workshop

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Tue 13 Jun 2017 19:00
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Tue 13 Jun 2017 22:00 User:Comzeradd

Building a wireless community network with libremesh

Τhis workshop will introduce the libremesh firmware and how it can be used to build a small scale community network, like Exarcheia Net, but it will also include discussion about organizational, political, and social dimensions.

The main presenters will be the core developers of libremesh (Gui, Gio, Pau, and Nico), who are also active members in different community networks like http://altermundi.net, http://guifi.net, and http://ninux.org.

Draft agenda

19:00-19:30 Introduction to libremesh: why, how, and case studies

19:30-20:00 Hands-on workshop: buidling a small mesh network with libremesh

20:00-21:00 Deployment tips (antenna installation, energy, etc) and answers to specific question by local communities

(20:30-00:00 ExarcheiaNet Open Dinner at Asimaki Fotila 8)

21:00 Move to Exarcheia for food & drinks & ExarcheiaNet social event

21:00-22:00 Discussion on local applications, DIY tutorials, dissemination strategies

Add questions here:

- Sarantaporo.gr: moving from openmesh at the access network to a libremesh solution?

More info

Libremesh is a FLOSS firmware for community networks that aims to make it easy to deploy mesh networks and choose among a wide variety of routing protocols according to the environment. The same community has received support to build their own open router, the Librerouter. See http://libremesh.org

Exarcheia Net, http://wiki.exarcheianet.gr/, is a new (wireless) Community Network, which was born out of a very concrete and immediate need, the provision of Internet connectivity to the numerous refugee squats that are found in this special neighbourhood in Athens.

But the objectives of Exarcheia Net go beyond providing Internet connectivity to these places and include the following:

- novel grassroots institutions like cooperative, non-profits, associations for facilitating sharing of Internet access among groups of people

- piloting and prototyping a new type of neighbourhood/district-level community network that includes physical spaces and regular face-to-face meetings for governance, training and engaging people, cultural activities, etc

- demystification of technology and emancipation of citizens in building and operating their own ICT infrastructures