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Aleph Objects (the makers of Lulzbot) run a giveaway for hackerspaces and was one of the 8 winners! Late June 2013 the AO-100 was in our space. Thanks Aleph Objects!


Our printer is a standard issue pre-assembled AO-100

How to print

There are many cam and printing software that might work for you. The recommended stack is using the following programs:


The process to print something can be quickly outline as such:

  1. Obtain .stl file of model. This can be either found directly (from sites like thingiverse) or designed with Blender, OpenSCAD etc.
  2. Start slic3r and load conf file (see below)
  3. Load .stl in slic3r.
  4. Check configuration and generate Gcode file
  5. Direct print (non octopi)
    1. Plug in AO-100 to power and USB port of your computer and power it on.
    2. Open Printrun and connect to tty port of the AO-100 (through USB)
    3. Home X-Y-Z axis by pressing the home buttons (corners) for all axis.
  6. Set temperatures for extrusion in the left. Extrusion 227-230 for ABS and 200 for PLA (to be tested). Bed temperature 100 degrees. Press set on both to heat them up and check the watch checkbox.
  7. Wait for temperatures to be reached.
  8. Load Gcode file and press "print".
  9. Experience awesomeness!


Calibration of Z axis may be required from time to time. Check manual for now or ask Manthos or Pierros.


Stock settings for slic3r can be found here.

Current setup

  • Extrusion head: 0.5mm (0.25 and 0.35 are also available)
  • Filament: 3mm Black ABS (printer can also take 1.25mm)